Denied Boarding

Air carriers may issue an APPEAL TO VOLUNTEERS for passengers willing to give up their seats in exchange for benefits to be agreed.

If there are no volunteers, the passenger who is denied boarding is entitled to receive a COMPENSATION calculated on (EU or international) routes and distances.

To learn more, see par. 2.1 of ENAC Brochure.

The carrier may reduce the amount of compensation to 50% in case passengers are offered the opportunity to travel on an alternative flight, the arrival time of which shall not exceed the originally booked flight schedule of twothree or four hours respectively.

Compensation must be paid in cash, or by electronic bank transfer, bank deposits, and checks, or by agreement with the passenger, refunds may be issued through travel vouchers and/or other services, regardless of the ticket price.

Passengers are entitled to a REFUND of the ticket price for the remaining part of the journey, or alternatively:

RE-BOOKING on the next available flight, or at a later date suitable to the passenger, in comparable travel conditions.

  • meals and refreshments in relation to the waiting time
  • adequate hotel accommodation, if passengers need one or more overnight stays
  • transfer from the airport to the place of accommodation, and vice-versa
  • two telephone calls or messages via telex, fax or e-mail

People with reduced mobility, any accompanying persons and unaccompanied children have priority rights when receiving assistance.

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